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Greenwood Cosmetic Dentist

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Cosmetic smile makeovers in Greenwood

Implants, veneers, bonding, and whitening are all treatments that we offer here at Ninth Avenue Dental. And while each is valuable on its own, it’s when they are combined that they comprise a cosmetic smile makeover. Turn your teeth from ones that you’re self-conscious about to ones that you’re proud of revealing.

Among the problems that can be solved by our Greenwood cosmetic dentist are missing, chipped, misshapen, or crooked teeth; stains and discoloration; and wide gaps that separate your teeth. It’s not difficult to understand why any of the above, and other aesthetic imperfections, could cause you to feel less than satisfied with your smile. Our Greenwood cosmetic dentist develops a plan that is uniquely tailored to your goals. Not everyone will need all four aspects of our cosmetic smile makeovers, but whichever are pertinent to your individual circumstances will be implemented. Implants are placed to restore your full smile when you have one or more lost teeth. They look like real teeth, and as an added bonus, they feel and perform like them, too. Veneers are made from porcelain, while bonding utilizes composite resin material. Where they converge is that they are tooth-colored materials that cover up teeth with cosmetic challenges, including providing the visual narrowing of space between your teeth. Of course, no smile makeover would be complete without teeth whitening treatment from our Greenwood cosmetic dentist to strip away the staining agents that have left them looking discolored and dull. Teeth whitening, like all of our treatments, is safe. The same cannot be said for some store-bought products.

If you have ever wanted to improve your smile, but you thought it would be too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming to do it, we have some great news for you. Just contact our office to schedule a consultation and examination with our Greenwood cosmetic dentist.

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